1941 Mosin-Nagant Rifle

This Russian sniper rifle was modeled off an original reference, the original gun dating back to 1941. Its chamber has been sealed to comply with german laws, but all the details are amazingly well preserved, which gave me a great reference to work with.

My intention with this gun was to create it for a game environment, and thus weighs in at around 3000 triangles, the model made with a first-person style game in mind. The textures are composed of one diffuse, normal, and specular map, each created at 2048 resolution, well suited to be scaled down if needed. Ambient occlusion has been computed for the model and incorporated into the diffuse and specular textures.

The normal map features fine detail, like the wood grain, or even things like the distance markers on the adjustable iron sights. Furthermore, the bolt-loading mechanism is fully animatable to behave exactly like the original does, the same applies to the adjustable iron sights (the latter being actually a side-effect to polygon-saving techniques I used for these small components).